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Die Making

Cases and Mounting


It makes no sense to have a nib made from the hardest material known to man if it is not securely pressed and mounted in a strong Stainless Steel casing. Sanxin uses a combination of press, heat-shrink and sintering processes to ensure that die nibs, once in place, stay in place.

Laser Piercing


Outside it looks like nothing. Inside, it’s like mini Star Wars as the laser beam smashes through the Natural Diamond or PCD Blanks, one tiny piece at a time.

Shaping and Polishing


Ultrasonic power is brought to bear to shape and polish the crucial Reduction Zone of a diamond or PCD die. The parallel-sided Bearing Zone is polished to a mirror finish in a Line Polishing Machine.

Quality Control and Conoptica®


Two ways of saying the same thing. The Conoptica is an ingenious machine from Norway, designed to enable a die maker to see clearly inside the nibs of even very small dies and provide repeatable measurements of the profile shape that, frankly, are impossible to obtain by any other means. Sanxin’s Conopticas are used not only to check the final result for Reduction Angle, Bearing Zone Length and other critical parameters, but also as a checkpoint at several intermediate stages of manufacture.

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