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Natural Diamond Dies

Natural Diamond Nibs

Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring material, so naturally it makes sense to use diamonds at the heart of dies which must draw some metals which themselves are extremely hard.

Dies using Natural Diamond Nibs also have the advantage that they impart a surface finish second to none on the finished wire.

Sanxin manufactures and supplies a very full range of Natural Diamond Wire Drawing Dies. There are two factors which distinguish Sanxin’s ND dies from many other brands.

  • Firstly, Sanxin informs its customers fully regarding which ND Nib is used in every Sanxin ND Die sold. The ND Nib Code is also associated with a minimum guaranteed Nib Thickness. More than any other factor, this is what determines the recut performance (i.e. how far the die can be enlarged before it reaches the end of its useful life) of a Natural Diamond Die. Sanxin puts all of this information in the Public Domain. Please compare.
  • Secondly, when customers know exactly what they are buying, it becomes obvious that Sanxin’s Price/Performance is virtually unbeatable.

Single Crystal Nibs

Single Crystal (sometimes referred to as “Monodie” blanks) are synthetic diamond blanks with extremely predictable wire drawing characteristics. For this reason, they are becoming increasingly popular, particularly at times when the supply of naturally occurring diamond blanks is less stable.

Sanxin’s Single Crystal dies may be specified for any wire drawing application where Natural Diamond would be the logical alternative. As Natural Diamonds become more expensive, Single Crystal nibs.

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