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PCD Dies

PCD (polycrystalline diamond) actually wears less and lasts longer than naturally occurring diamond. When wear does finally occur, PCD dies wear evenly in all directions, as opposed to natural diamond dies, which may develop unacceptable ovality.

PCD Dies are now the backbone of Wire Industry Tooling, wherever the combination of long life, predictable performance and excellent surface finish are required.

Consequently, the Price/Performance of PCD dies now more often shows a marked improvement over Natural Diamond dies. The number of applications in which PCD dies may be used instead of Tungsten Carbide dies is also steadily increasing.

And Sanxin’s PCD dies are second to none, anywhere in the world. Due to Sanxin’s position as China’s leading die maker, the company probably has more experience with more types, grades and brands of PCD than any other die maker. And this expertise has been brought to bear strongly for the benefit of Wire Manufacturers all over the world.

Sanxin regularly supplies large numbers of PCD dies manufactured using three major product lines:
  • Sumidia® PCD from Sumitomo Corporation
  • Compax® PCD (fomerly from GE Corporation)
  • Xinya® PCD, a PCD product range of Chinese manufacture.

Sumidia is a fully-featured PCD range, particularly noted for its high surface finish capabilities and for availability of very large blanks where required.

Compax was one of the first PCD ranges to be developed, it is an excellent product and it is still specified widely.

Dies manufactured using Xinya PCD Blanks may offer spectacular Price/Performance figures, where the metal being drawn is not harder than ¼ Hard Stainless Steel and where surface finish is not the first consideration.  If the wire is to be drawn down further, there will be plenty of opportunity to put a perfect surface finish on the wire as it reaches the final diameter, using either Fine Grain Sumidia or even one or two Natural Diamond dies to finish.

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